Happiness Integrator • Wisdom Retriever• Flow Engineer

Play Consultant • Psychic Medium • Dolphin Trainer

That sums it up pretty well. I love to read, write, talk, teach, and listen about what makes our lives great, our relationships work, and our lives flow with grace and ease and joy. I love exercising spiritual principles to find out how they can help us be our authentic selves with the side effects of deep peace, tons of laughter, and maximum happiness.

I believe we can create the lives we want to live right here, right now by choosing our words, thoughts, and actions consciously and with intention. And I can show you how. It would be my pleasure. What do you say?

Where Dolphins Are Made

One of my tools for teaching people how to find greater flow and happiness is to introduce the concept of being the dolphin. You see there are three ways to be in this world--you can live as a shark, as a carp, or as a dolphin. Spoiler: Dolphins have way more fun!  Video for your viewing pleasure...