Sacred Travel

I love to travel. I find it opens the mind and the heart in ways that can't be predicted. And I'm just getting started on my travels. My son is now in high school and with my husband, we can go anywhere given enough time and money. But here is where I've been and what I've learned so you can see how a vacation can also be a deeply, meaningful experience.


We went on a family vacation to Spain last year but one place we hit upon was truly magical. The recommendation for this tiny town up in the mountains of Picos de Europa came from the father of my son's friend.

France #2

My first trip to France promptly made me wish to go back so I did the following April in 2011. I HAD to go. I don't know of any other way to explain it except I felt I had an obligation to a sacred mountain there in the hills of southern France.

France #1

My first solo trip to France in 2010 was around my 40th birthday which was much needed. It was a spiritual pilgrimage dedicated to Mary Magdalene and where she believed to teach and live in Southern France. I was truly awakened...