One Hour Intuitive Reading


One Hour Intuitive Reading


Each reading can be customized by you to include whatever you want. I offer Tarot card readings, psychic information, and contacting loved ones on the other side.

For example, if you want a Tarot card reading about your career and your relationships, a healing ceremony for you, and then you want to try to contact your grandmother who died when you were young, then let's do that.

You have my full attention, focus, and all my gifts available to you for that hour of time. Whatever I can do to heal you, give you insights into situations, and help you feel positive and uplifted, I will do.

Here are some things you can ask for in a reading:

  • Ask what is going on with your career, your love relationship, your health, your family, or your spiritual purpose, we can pull Tarot cards about each one of those.
  • I love to pull Tarot cards about the people in your life as well. This works really well for your child/ren to find out what they need right now.
  • Ask what you need to know to help you feel more connected and successful in your every day life.
  • Ask what you need to know about your relationship with your partner and how you can get back to feeling loved, loving, and supportive.
  • Ask what you need to do and know about keeping yourself happy, balanced, and centered in mind, body, and spirit.
  • Ask to speak to loved ones who have passed over to the other side.
  • Ask for a Family Reading to see how your close family and extended family work together in a pattern for your best and highest good. See how they all fit together and find out what you need to know to have better "flow" between all of you.

A heart-centered psychic like me is here to provide you with those nuggets of wisdom you need to be the amazing person you already are!  You'll receive insightful good news on how to get yourself back to the loving, caring you everyone loves to spend time with. You walk away from each and every reading feeling positive about your life, full of energy, and ready to go make your life a beauty-filled adventure.

Readings are now only completed in person. I am in San Diego and can arrange a location or drive to you if you are within 50 miles. For your information, I prefer to really focus all my energy on you and do not generally give more than one reading a day. Please email me to set up a reading today:



"Having a mediumship reading with Melinda was such a healing event. I hadn't known how the evening would feel or unfold, and I was surprised by how calm and reassuring the experience was; Melinda is such a warm presence herself, she sets a comforting, easy tone.  Witnessing her bring messages from the spirits beyond was both remarkable and the most natural thing in the world.  She captured the essence of every single spirit she brought to us (six!) - their unique personalities rang through her with shocking accuracy - often with much humor and always with tremendous love. Having the chance to hear their messages and ask questions, was enlightening, confirming, and truly profound."

-Susan - Irvine, CA

"Wow, what an amazing evening! I was privileged enough to get the opportunity to attend a mediumship experience with Melinda Pajak. She is insightful, kind and has a stellar knack for helping people connect with their loved ones who have passed. This is a night I will always remember. It was a gift. "

-Vickie - Carlsbad, CA

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