My Missing Aunt Book (signed copy)


My Missing Aunt Book (signed copy)


This is the story of how Melinda used her intuition to solve her Aunt's missing person case in Kansas City, MO. Being a busy mom of a three year old at the time couldn't keep her from playing detective in the summer of 2006.

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Aunt Carolyn had gone missing. There were a few clues but she’d been gone for over five months and the trail grew colder by the day. Where was she? Did she leave to meet someone? Where was her car? Had anyone seen her? Was she still alive? These questions plagued her niece, Melinda, and half-sister, Genelle. The Kansas City Police Department refused to file a missing person’s report, so Melinda and Genelle decided something must be done. Melinda took on the role of gumshoe detective to investigate the clues she had. Along the way, she makes an unexpected journey into discovering her hidden powers of intuition. Amazingly, events of the past fold into the visions of the present in beautiful and heartfelt ways for Melinda and her family. Difficult to put down, this is a heart-warming and unbelievable true to life mystery.

Amazon Reviews:

"Melinda Pajak takes us on a journey of discovery alongside her family in her book, "My Missing Aunt". Her relaxed conversational style welcomes us to get to know and care about her family and their plight. We feel a part of her family and get drawn into their story. This family pulls together and finds the strength and insight that they need to get through life. This story is about family love and commitment. The obvious plot is about searching for her lost aunt, but ultimately, it is about trusting family, trusting herself, and finding her higher purpose. Such is life, we go looking for answers and find the resources we need for the journey in ourselves. A quick read, but a story that stays with you long after it is over. I highly recommend it. " - Mary Drake

"Melinda has woven together the awakening of her own intuitive skills with the complexities of navigating a mysterious family disappearance. Her novel brings up questions of responsibility to our extended kin, how we look out for one another in a changing society, and what happens as the author grapples with the fact that she receives valuable information for the case through intuitive means. This works speaks to those who find themselves between the places they came from, and the people they have become now." - Mellissa Weiss Steele