Communicate with Spirit Party


Communicate with Spirit Party


Have you ever thought about throwing a party for your friends where you have a medium come for entertainment?

It is great fun! It's inspirational and touching as well! Sign up to have me entertain your party of up to 10 people. I love to do short Tarot card readings for each person to get started. Then we do a ceremony to honor those loved ones who have passed over. This opens up the space to communicate with spirits on the other side. And for the finale, I enter into a semi-trance state to help you and your guests connect with loved ones and receive deep messages of love and healing. It's a night your friends won't soon forget!


"Having a mediumship reading with Melinda was such a healing event. I hadn't known how the evening would feel or unfold, and I was surprised by how calm and reassuring the experience was; Melinda is such a warm presence herself, she sets a comforting, easy tone.  Witnessing her bring messages from the spirits beyond was both remarkable and the most natural thing in the world.  She captured the essence of every single spirit she brought to us (six!) - their unique personalities rang through her with shocking accuracy - often with much humor and always with tremendous love. Having the chance to hear their messages and ask questions, was enlightening, confirming, and truly profound."

-Susan - Irvine, CA

"Wow, what an amazing evening! I was privileged enough to get the opportunity to attend a mediumship experience with Melinda Pajak. She is insightful, kind and has a stellar knack for helping people connect with their loved ones who have passed. This is a night I will always remember. It was a gift. "

-Vickie - Carlsbad, CA

Call me or email me with questions and availability. Travel fees may be added for locations outside of San Diego or southern Orange County.

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