My New Mantra

I don't know if you can relate but sometimes I get shy and quiet and very introverted. I walk into new situations with a smaller energy or profile so I can get the lay of the land. It's all very much in line with my astrological sign of Cancer, the Crab. But this playing small has never been that much fun. There is another side to me that is friendly, outgoing, spontaneous, and eager to reach out and engage other humans. I like that side of me. When I am her, my life is bigger, more adventurous, and much more fun.

So my new mantra when I head out the door is BE HER. I try to keep it in the forefront of my mind that I want to be that friendly, outgoing version of myself. I don't want to hide anymore. I want to be more fully who I am. I want to be my authentic self no matter what group of people I am with. I want the freedom to be me and the only way to do that is to claim that freedom every time I walk out the door. A few weeks ago, I was headed out to my dentist appointment and I had flyers in my car for the mediumship circle event (which I successfully held last night). I had never mentioned that I was a psychic or a medium to the staff or dentist I've been going to for over ten years. Yeah, I was seriously hiding out.

I grabbed a flyer and walked in the door of the dentist office determined to BE HER. I smiled and was nervous but when I got in to see Linda, the dental assistant, I stuck out my hand with the flyer in it. I shared that I was doing an event and thought maybe some people in the office might be interested. She looked it over and her eyes got big. I told her what it was about and that I knew it was not everyone’s cup of tea. She smiled and remarked that this was very interesting and that she’d share it with the receptionist. (It wasn’t her cup of tea and that was OK.)

We went on with the regularly scheduled dental appointment. What I noticed was that just by being myself and sharing this side of me shot my energy level up so high that I swear I was breathing out enough love to fill the world with every exhale. I felt so good and proud of myself and soaked in how it felt to be my true authentic self.

Well, interestingly, Linda’s energy shot up as well just from being near me and talking to me. She’s very structured and formal yet friendly but by the end of appointment I actually got her to say she loved me. She was so shocked that those words came out of her mouth as if she had never said that to another client ever. It was pretty funny. I knew what was going on because it was all an outpouring of my energy into the entire office lifting everyone up who was there but she was quite dumbfounded yet happy about her uplifted mood.

The dentist, Ben, came in next and we all started laughing about my son’s Halloween costume (he’s going to be a taco). I had them all in stitches and I don’t even know what I said. Then I went out to the receptionist who had just received my flyer. This receptionist who I’ve never really connected with was TOTALLY into all things psychic and mediums and astrology. I had no idea. She was gushing with enthusiasm about my event and wanted to share an experience of her own with a psychic she used to see a lot.

A regular dentist appointment turned into an absolutely lovely and happy experience not only for me but for all of them as well. And it all happened because I chose to BE HER when I entered the office that day. I decided to be my true, authentic self who is confident and truly joyous.

So my new mantra is to BE HER. I use this one a lot because it’s powerful and I remember that when I do this, I raise my own energy level (thereby increasing my happiness) as well as the energy and lives of those around me. It’s the ripple effect. When you are happy and uplifted, your energy ripples out to everyone you come in contact with.

It’s why I pay strict attention to how I treat those people in service positions like waitresses or cashiers, I give them an extra dose of friendliness and BE HER attention because I know they will interact with a great number of people in the rest of their shift. If I can pass on love and energy to them, they will pass it on to every one they serve that day or at least for the next few minutes. That helps everyone. Do you see that? I remember hearing that changing the world starts with you but I could never figure out how that worked exactly until I started understanding this energy ripple effect. Love ripples out and just keeps rippling. Happiness is contagious. They’ve done studies and it’s true. So BE HER and let that love and happiness ripple out.