Wonder Woman and the Feminine Archetype

A channeled message from my powerful spirit guide:

The space in which we find ourselves as women right now is difficult. We know there is expansion in our identities and the roles we play in society. We know that intellectually but actually achieving them in today’s world is fraught with danger and judgment and fear. We fear rejection by other women and men. We fear rejection by society in general. What if we truly are who we are? What if we were truly free to express ourselves just the way we feel most drawn to? This is what Wonder Woman does in the movie. She shows up just as she is with no apologies and no excuses for being different from what women are supposed to look like or act like. She is truly herself in every way. She is truly free. Women who do not value their freedom at this time are missing the point. Freedom is what we need.

Freedom to express ourselves as we have not done in thousands of years is desperately what is needed right now in this political climate, in this world we find ourselves in. We need women to step into their power. We need men who support them in this. When women embrace who they are, support one another, and are supported by the men around them, then the men can embrace their feminine sides as well. The world becomes a more compassionate place as a result of the acceptance of the feminine divine within each and every one of us. There are deep wells of compassion and truth and dignity and kindness.

 Claim your power - now is the time.

Claim your power - now is the time.

There is ancient knowledge and wisdom ready to burst forth and compel us into a new world built upon desire, flow, and a cooperative venture to make this place a better world for each and everyone one of us-- not just a select few. Let the divine feminine step into power. Let her step into power for each one of us women because it must begin with us. Stand together. Hold each other’s hand. Support one another until the children and men join you. Stand for compassion and justice, integrity and truth, and a vision for a better world. Do it now even in the smallest of ways. Do it now. There is no choice -- only action speaks now.