The Wesak Moon and Much More...

 Beatrex Quntanna, my friend and teacher...

Beatrex Quntanna, my friend and teacher...

Every two weeks, I trek up to my friend Beatrex Quntanna's house for a Moon Class. I have been doing this for the better part of six years, I think. I love to learn. I seek out spiritual wisdom wherever I can and if I resonate with what is being taught, I keep going. I love Beatrex. She teaches us how to live by the light of the moon.

Every year she writes a Moon Book that tells you about what is going on astrologically and energetically every moon cycle (new and full moons). Being born under the sign of Cancer, I am considered a Moon Child and have begun to realize how much I am affected by the moon every cycle. Understanding the energy of each cycle, helps me maximize the flow of what I'm doing when.

For example, if I want to clean out my closet, I wait until the Full Moon because that is all about releasing what no longer serves you. If I want to go shopping for some new home decor, I wait until the New Moon when the energy serves manifestation. I don't always do this because I am never rigid in anything I do but I have found that the energy does complement certain activities and I try to align with that.

The Full Moon this week is the Wesak Moon and I always get excited about this one. Last week, Beatrex shared that this is the time of Buddha's birthday (May 11) but is commonly celebrated on the day of the Full Moon in May. So this year, that is May 10. This is when the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Scorpio.

It is also seen as the time when Christ and Buddha come together and join forces to bless people with love (Christ) and knowledge (Buddha). As a part of last week's Moon Class, Beatrex asked us to receive messages from Buddha and from Christ (Jesus) and then share what they would say to each other in greeting. Most people who attend Beatrex's class can do this type of channeling quickly and are deeply intuitive so this was an easy task. I wanted to share the messages I received because they moved me to tears.

Buddha's Message: "Have compassion for all and go forward with an openness and smile for each person you meet. Each person you meet is a lesson and a wealth of knowledge waiting to be unlocked."

Christ's Message: "Love with a clarity of heart. Every face you see is the face of God. Know this and you will never judge again."

Buddha and Christ Greet Each Other: "Greetings brother. I acknowledge you as the face, the heart, and the body of God as limitless love on the planet."

Can you imagine what our world would look like if we greeted each other with that reverence and love? It would be beyond beautiful.

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