I'm Winning

 My new gratitude practice...

My new gratitude practice...

I was feeling somewhat defeated last week. I had some issues that weren't getting resolved and I was feeling overwhelmed with our rental property and how much maintenance and attention it was requiring of me over the past month. We had two tenants move out within weeks of each other and it was a lot for me to fix them up and re-rent them over Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's all good now but to get me through, I had to come up with a saying to get me over the humps.

My new slogan for 2017 is "I'm winning." It's a way for me to playfully engage in gratitude and shift my attitude from negative to positive. So, it works like this. Whenever I find myself worrying or thinking the worst, I say to myself, "I'm winning because I had a hot shower this morning." And then I continue, "I'm winning because I own a rental property," "I'm winning because I'm not hungry and I have plenty of food," and "I'm winning because I'm healthy." And I continue on for as long as I can until the things I am coming up with are so ridiculous and silly that I laugh at myself. And you know what? My negative attitude gets replaced with a feeling of gratitude because I truly do have so much and enjoy such a great life. Some additional "I'm winning" phrases you can use are:

  • I'm winning because I slept in a safe, warm bed last night.
  • I'm winning because my husband loves me.
  • I'm winning because my son is happy, healthy, and engaged in life.
  • I'm winning because I have a car.
  • I'm winning because I have food in my refrigerator and I'm winning because I have a refrigerator.
  • I'm winning because I have shoes and warm clothes.
  • I'm winning because I have people who care about me.
  • I'm winning because I live in a safe community.

I think you get the idea. But it really works. Being mindful always starts with an awareness of what the current track of thoughts are going through your head. Are you beating yourself up with your thoughts? Are you running a negative, worry-filled pessimistic set of ideas through your brain? Are you hopeful visualizing a wonderful new future? Are you picturing yourself doing things you love with people you love? Are you offering yourself encouragement on new adventures? What is going on in there?

This "I'm winning" script is a great one to implement to turn your brain around into a positive mindset. Mike Dooley, author of Leveraging the Universe, uses the catch phrase "Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones." This is one way to start taking control of your thoughts which later on become the things of your life. You are in the driver's seat so take back your brain and start driving towards a better life with gratitude in your passenger seat.