Ingredients for a Happy Life—Gratitude



I'm starting a new podcast for moms interested in Superhero Wisdom. This is the first episode and I'm so excited to get it kicked off.

This first podcast is a part of a series called "Ingredients for a Happy Life" and I will cover a new theme in each one. These podcasts will be 10-20 minutes long so you can easily listen in the car with or without your kids.

They do make great conversation starters in the car and can help you talk about what matters most in life with your kids.

So often, we don't make time to talk about how to make ourselves happy. We are all like chefs adding a few ingredients here and there to our lives to help ourselves be happy. We are responsible for our own happiness and we need to add the right mix of love, laughter, and light to create a life that matters and that we enjoy living.

In this series, we will be discussing all of these ingredients that make up a happy life so you can consciously choose what your life should consist of to help you make the most of it. Do you want gratitude, love, joy, forgiveness, service, and a side of zeal? Or maybe you prefer awareness, confidence, power, courage, and the feeling of oneness with all that is? We'll cover a new ingredient each week so check back often and get the latest.

You will love this podcast if...

  • you enjoy contemplating what makes for a happy life
  • you know you are responsible for your own happiness
  • you like talking to your son or daughter about what matters most in life
  • you believe your thoughts help to create and shape your life
  • you are open to new ideas and ways of thinking about life

This podcast is not for you if...

  • you feel like your life is predetermined
  • you don't like to question values or morals to see what you believe or have your children question them

These podcasts will also be available on iTunes and anywhere else I can put them.