The Magic of Parking Spaces

One way I practice using intention and intuition is with getting a parking space. I use it just about every day and I’ve gotten really good at it. Here is how it works. Before arriving at a location where it sometimes difficult to get a parking space, I set the intention that I will get a perfect parking space. I give thanks to the universe for taking care of getting me this parking spot. I even go so far as to ask where it might be -- on the right side of the street, in the parking lot, or where. I get a visual in my head where the spot will be and it works 99% of the time.

The steps for setting an intention are:

  1. Set the intention. “It is my intention to get the perfect parking spot for my dental appointment this morning.”

  2. See it happening. Visualize yourself happy with your spot and saying to yourself something like “Wow. This really works. I got a spot.” (This is where I ask where the parking spot is.) Also really “feel” into this scenario as that gives the intention more strength and energy.

  3. Give thanks for the parking spot before you even get it. I offer my gratitude to my angels or to the universe-- whatever I feel in the moment.

  4. Let it go. You have to let go of your attachment to the outcome or it doesn’t always happen for you. I try to think about something else like where I’m going and just let go of having to worry about finding a spot.

Then after you get the perfect parking spot, give thanks to the universe or your angels again for making this intention happen. Acknowledge the power of your intention and give thanks. This acknowledgment of your intention and your intuition creates a stronger bond with this process and makes it easier each time you practice.

One thing to keep in mind is letting go of how this works. As Mike Dooley says in his book, Leveraging the Universe, you have to let go of the HOW or what he calls the “cursed hows” and let the universe find the parking spot for you. Sure, you have to drive around and be open to finding it but you don’t have to do all this mental work on HOW you will get the parking spot. Follow your gut and see if you should turn right or left to find the spot and VOILA! There it is. Someone decides to pull out right in front of you. This works for me almost every time. And if it doesn’t work, it’s usually because I didn’t follow the steps especially that last step of letting go which is sometimes difficult.

This is parking magic and I have a great story to back it up. I live in San Diego and we have been lucky enough to attend Comic-Con off and on for the past ten years. In 2008, I had tickets and I wanted to see a favorite author of mine at the time, James Rollins. It turns out that he would be at Comic-Con because he wrote the novel version of "Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull" to go along with the movie. He was going to be at this one conference session from 4:00-5:00pm on Friday afternoon. Comic-Con usually takes place Thursday through Sunday and is held at the San Diego Convention Center. There is parking underneath the convention center but it’s usually full. There is a hotel to the right of the convention center with a parking lot within 300 feet of the front entrance of the convention center with maybe 50 parking spots.

Well, not only was I looking for a parking spot but I was also under a time constraint. I had arranged for my mother-in-law to look after my five year old son but she had an event at 6:30pm so I had to be back in La Jolla by 5:45pm. I had to find a parking spot quickly, attend the one hour session, and then get back in the car and get up to La Jolla. So I began the steps for setting an intention.

  1. I set my intention to find the perfect spot. “It is my intention to get a great parking spot near the convention center so I can get in and out quickly.” I usually add the phrase “with grace and ease” at the end so that this it all works out easily.

  2. I saw myself beaming with a smile upon walking into the convention center happy with my parking spot. I imagined telling others the story of finding an incredible parking spot during the height of Comic-Con. (Yes, I actually did this.)  I felt into what it would feel like to get an amazing spot.

  3. I gave thanks for the perfect parking spot. (You can combine this with number one and just say “Thanks for the perfect parking spot near the convention center where I can get in and out quickly.” I save time setting my intention that way.)

  4. Then I let it go by thinking about this author and what I would say if given a chance to meet him in person.

Then I drove towards the convention center and followed my intuition closely. Should I turn here? No, stay straight. Should I go into the main convention center parking underneath? No. Should I try some of these other paid lots that were $20? No. Should I keep going and try the parking lot of the hotel next door? Yes. (This is where my rational brain kicked in and said “Really? You think you will get a spot there?”) BUT I was committed to my intuition and intention.

I drove up to the parking booth for the lot of the hotel next door and there was a sign there saying “Lot Full.” My rational mind said to give it up and that I’d never get a spot here. My intuition said to wait and look. I scanned the parking lot and looked over to the second spot nearest the convention center and saw a man getting into his car.

By then, the parking attendant came over to my window and said “We’re all full.” I replied, “Well, what about that spot there where the man is leaving? Can I have that one?” He chuckled and said “Wow. You’re in luck.” He took my money for the parking fee and I drove on in and waited patiently as the man pulled his car out of MY parking space. I slid into the space and had plenty of time to spare to get to the session at Comic-Con.  I was beaming a huge smile as I walked in the door. Luck had nothing to do with it.