Superhero Trio

Three of my most important practices work so well together that I call them the Superhero Trio. They are flow, intention, and intuition. When they are working together, I cannot be stopped (or at least, that's how I feel).

A few days ago, I set the intention for my day in the shower (my usual practice). It usually runs along the lines of “Thank you for keeping me and my family safe, happy, healthy, protected, strong, and abundant. Thank you helping me move through my day with grace, joy, ease, flow, and love. It is my intention to live this day with joy and laughter.”

I add in other things if people I know need some healing or light or love or if I want to move through the day with the energy of love or if I need extra good timing that day or whatever. I change it for what moves me. But generally, my days flow well with this kind of intention.

So, with that intention set, I went about my day. I had some errands to run including a trip to Trader Joe’s grocery store. Every time I am in a grocery store, I have learned to listen to my intuition. I think the everyday use of our intuition is largely underutilized. Anyway, I peruse the aisles and pick up what I need but keep an ear out for the soft, still voice inside that is my intuition in case it pops up and wants me to get something.

I’m going down the sundries aisle and my intuition calls out to me to stop and buy the Aloe Vera Gel. I look at the Aloe Vera Gel and my logic and reasoning kick in protesting the purchase. It’s not even summer anymore--what use would you have for Aloe Vera Gel? No one is going to get a sunburn. I look at the price. It’s only $2.79 so I weigh my logic versus my intuition. I know my intuition is right 99% of the time so I decide to purchase the Aloe Vera Gel. Heck, it’s only $2.79. I go with the flow here and continue on with my day.

The next day, I am replacing a doorbell on the apartment at our rental property that I manage with my husband. It’s been awhile since I’ve done any handyman type of work and I pulled out the power drill that you can use as a screwdriver. In ten seconds, I strip the screw and bend it sideways using the power drill. Smoke comes off the drill and I stop. Oops. Then I reach out with my pointer finger towards the screw I have just stripped just to touch it. OUCH! Oh my gosh. I am so stupid. The screw was burning hot from the power drill. I look down at my pointer finger and there is a lovely circular imprint of the top of the screw in the pad of my finger. It burns. It burns so bad. I’m sure that I will need to amputate the entire top of my finger --it hurts that bad. I run some water over it for a few minutes...until...I remember...that I have some Aloe Vera Gel that would feel so good on this burn and heal it right away.

This is totally how my life works. This is what I call living in the flow. I seem to have whatever I need at my fingertips (literally) when I need it if I set intention and follow my intuition. The flow follows behind that naturally. How did I know that I would need that Aloe Vera Gel the next day? I think that is pretty cool. I like living in the flow like that. Generally, it makes things work so much more smoothly.

However, I am still working on my intuition. For example, I wish my intuition had told me not to strip that screw on the doorbell in the first place so I wouldn’t need the Aloe Vera Gel at all. Ha! Ha! But aren't we all a work in progress?