My Puppy's Top Ten List of Tips for Living a Great Life

 Cosmo--playing as usual...

Cosmo--playing as usual...

We got a new puppy last weekend. He is eight weeks old and full of life and puppy kisses. It’s an adjustment for our family but a good one. He has reawakened our love of play and for that, I’m so grateful. I felt like we needed an injection of fun on a daily basis and our little Cosmo, that’s his name, is just what the doctor ordered. I know he has a lot to teach us and here’s the first ten and we’ve only had him for 5 days.

 Make it a great day! Cosmo sure will!

Make it a great day! Cosmo sure will!

  1. Always take time out to play.

  2. Taking a walk is good exercise.

  3. Time spent in nature always feels good.

  4. Life is better when you have someone to hang out with.

  5. Curling up and snuggling with someone you love is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

  6. Naps are an important part of every day.

  7. Live in the moment. It’s all that matters.

  8. Being curious is a good thing (most of the time).

  9. Kissing is fun.

  10. The best time of the day is when all the family plays together (preferably on the floor).